Get Off It and Get Started

We don’t have a lot of time on this planet. It’s a blink of an eye, really. We grow up hearing we have plenty of time and that we don’t have to make decisions about who we want to be when we finally do grow up. And then, we grow up. And we still convince ourselves we have plenty of time to work, to dream, to raise our kids, to save our money, to start that business, or write that book. But, we don’t. Between sleeping, eating, and the bathroom, almost 50% of our day (that’s our life) is spoken for. Then, most of us have a job that eats up a substantial chunk of the rest, plus family, socializing, events, TV, and more, there is quite literally not enough time in the day.

Guess what? Nearly everyone is in the same boat. And still, some people find the time to pursue their dreams and goals. Whether it be losing weight, bulking up, writing their novel, raising their champions, or launching their business, they find the time. They realize that when it comes to pursuing their dreams, their are plenty of reasons not to keep going, or not even get started at all. They’re exhausted. They’re busy. They’re broke. They have the same little voices that call them to the couch for the Walking Dead Marathon that we all do. But they know, even with all the reasons the world around them throws at them to NOT continue the pursuit of their dreams, there are absolutely no excuses for stopping. They know, that when it comes to the end of their life and they look back, there is no feeling worse than the regret of not following your passion, no matter what that might be. And so they pursue. Small, sometimes tiny steps at a time, but they never stop. And that’s what makes all the difference.

For your goals and dreams, write it down and work backwards until you get to small enough steps you will take every single day to help get you where you want to be. These small steps, taken consistently over time are like the effects of compounding interest on your life. Soon, you’ll amass a fortune; whether in muscle, intellect, wealth, knowledge, or whatever you’re investing your time and efforts in. Don’t let the reasons EVER become excuses. Get off it and get started!

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, there


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