Full Immersion- Why I Decided to do the Author’s Blog Challenge When the Plate is Already Full

Stop Wishing. (1)

I know my plate is full and I know I have a lot of projects going right now, so from the outside looking in, taking on the Author’s Blog Challenge (ABC) may not look very smart to some people. However, knowing my goals and personal challenges, I could tell that this is just what I need to get me on track.

I have big dreams, backed by powerful goals, fueled by mediocre habits. And that, my friends, will be why I fail. You see, I can have all the best intentions in the world, but without daily action to make them real, they just kind of “pfft” away into thin air. Every day I am grateful for the introspection and subsequent epiphany I had last year to recognize this. Since then, I’ve been on a quest to discover, analyze, and implement habit building practices. In fact, I’ve become so obsessed with the power of habits, that I’ve completely rewritten my vision and mission statement I have for my life to include becoming a Master Habit Builder, because, Mastering Habits Means Mastering Life.

Through this journey, I’ve learned that there are many more people like me- you know, the types that go to seminars, workshops and leave them feeling totally pumped up and ready to change the world, but then “pfft” out after two ro three days (or weeks on occacion). Or, the type to read countless books on a particular subject, become an expert, and then never use the information I learned in any meaningful way. Then, when you don’t use it, it’s like Arizona’s State Parks budget, you lose it.

I realized that implementing daily action (habits) was the missing ingredient for me with all of these seminars, workshops, and books I was absorbing. When I look back at the material, and the books again, I can see habits referenced everywhere. It’s kind of obvious now, but still just based of statistics, I can tell it’s not that apparent for the masses that attend these things either. Very rarely are there specific daily action items listed to get you where you want to be. So, that’s the need I decided I would fill. Habit Daddy’s goal is to Reverse-Engineer Your Dreams for Success. Originally, this was designed to be a coaching practice, and it still is, but I also found that I can provide niche books that help people implement the formula themselves. This is a complex task and I can tell, I am not quite ready when it comes to framing the concept-but I am close! I need more strcutured practice. And that is why I have joined the Author’s Blog Challenge this year. This will force me to not only write every day, but to dive deep into the processes and formula that I hope to convey through Habit Daddy.

I do have big dreams and powerful goals. And, through this work, I hope to create the daily writing habits that will propel me, and those whose lives we touch, beyond all expectations.


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