Journal Hoarding- The Key to My Process


In my past life (last year), I held true to my mantra, “When the Inspiration Wave hits, you ride it.” That’s how I justified pulling all-nighters, obsessing over ideas, and then, of course, lying low a bit once the “tide” went out. While I still love that mantra, and agree with it, what I am paying special attention to now is that gap between Inspiration Waves. What became very clear, is that we can’t just sit and wait for “Flow”. Sometimes, we have to create it. And the best way to create flow, is to keep moving. You’re probably thinking, “Well, duh, everybody knows that.” I used to say the same thing. But there is a HUGE difference between knowing and doing.

I’ve spent the majority of my life, up to this point, “knowing” a lot of things. I knew what I should do. I knew what I shouldn’t do. And, I knew what I was actually doing. Very rarely did those converge. I found myself spinning my wheels on a lot of the projects, dreams, and goals, I had laid out for myself, including major writing aspirations.

I can remember writing stories and letters from a very young age. Because it seemed to come so naturally, or the people around me were so kind as to lead me to believe so, I’ve been drawn to writing as a way to move others.  When things get tough, even today, there is a part of me that wishes I could write my feelings to those involved so it comes across exactly how I mean.  Even back then, in my diaries and journals, I seemed to be writing to someone else, almost as a letter to the future people of the world that may have some interest in what kind of cereal I ate that day, or what gifts I received for Christmas.

Even more than the actual act of writing, I also had obsessive fascination with the actual physical journal or diary (and office supplies in general) I could use to write in. I would see a leather-bound journal and HAD to have it. I would be so inspired to fill it with words of wisdom and adventure. And, by page three or four, the Inspiration Wave had dissipated and I would wait to write again until the next great journal would be found. The cycle repeated. Over and Over, and I have shelves of half full journals to testify to that.

I used to be so worried that after I died, my journals would be an unorganized mess that my heirs would have to sort through to put the pieces of my life in chronological order. I’ve come to realize and embrace that that’s just how I am and it’s okay. I like to write in different journals. So be it.  It’s weird how the anxiety behind using the same journal repeatedly literally stopped me in my tracks from writing when I was inspired to do so. Little did I know that the actual, physical journal is what inspired the writing in the first place. So why not write in it?  Who cares what mess it may be in the end. For those interested enough in the life and times of Bill Soroka, a completely dis-combobulated jumble of journal entries will prove more realistic anyway.


My newly adopted writing process is to journal daily and to use whatever journal suits me for the day. I’ve also started three new blogs and have committed to posting to at least one of those each day. The Author’s Blog Challenge is helping out with that, a lot. The key to habit building is consistency, which also happens to be my greatest weakness. By writing every day, not only am I keeping a commitment to myself, but I am literally coming alive again. And, that feels good. I am also brainstorming a book I’ve wanted to write since 2008, called Speckles. And, there are two other books in the brainstorming process as well.

My creative energy flows best in the mornings. Every day, starting at 4am, I begin my morning routine, and a major portion of that is meditation, exercise, and writing. So far, so good. And, I have a lot of work to do. Personal Demons rear their heads in the face of change, and mine are powerful.


2 thoughts on “Journal Hoarding- The Key to My Process

    • Thank you! Yes, one of my great joys in life is to go back through the journals and idea books I’ve had through the years. I love reading my initial ideas, usually as a little scribble down in the corner somewhere, and watching as the idea evolves into something greater, like a business. Made from scratch!


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