Habit Strings- The Power of a Routine

habit strings

A routine is nothing more than a string of a habits completed sequentially  (usually). We all have habits and routines, whether we’re conscious of them or not. The key to greatness and a life of intention is to consciously create the habits and routines that will get you where you want to be.

There is Power in the Mornings

Most experts agree that a morning routine has significantly greater impact on your outcome. For a profound look at effective morning routines, take a look at Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning.” This is likely the book that could have the most positive impact on your life. It’s literally a step by step guide to creating the life of your dreams. For me, Hal has laid the blueprint for an exceptional change in attitude and results.  I have grown to build a morning routine that takes about two hours to complete. I used to be in a huge hurry, because I would be so fired up in the mornings that I just wanted to jump into work and brainstorming. It’s taken a lot of patience and newly learned discipline to really start enjoying the process as much as the result.

My Morning Routine

Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to break down the components of my morning routine, along with reasons I either like them, or that research has proven effective. Right now, I have 21 listed items, of which a couple are simple things like, “Brush Your Teeth,” and “Take a Shower.” And others are a little more advanced, like “Meditate,” or “Do Memory Project.”

The Secret Power of Habits

I am still working on figuring out a different word to use, than “habits.” I think it gets overused, and for people like me, for this first half of my life, they may be completely turned off by the word. I went my whole life avoiding habits and routine. I used to think that people who stuck to them were prudes that let routine trump spontaneity and fun. It really wasn’t until last year, when I took an objective inventory of my life, did I start to appreciate what I had been missing all that time. When it comes down to it, habits are how you implement ideas and concepts. As far as this world work, that’s a pretty critical step, and I was missing a HUGE portion of that. I have always been a go-getter, and never lacked initiative to start things, and make some shit happen, but after I evaluated all my past failures and successes, it was pretty clear where I fell short. New ideas, whether business, philosophical, or spiritual, come built-in with a certain amount of enthusiasm that can inspire action…to a point. After that initial burst, if you don’t set up standard practices and action plans daily (habits) you lose steam quick. That’s why I didn’t have the life of my dreams.  That’s why I was going broke fast. That’s why I kept losing ground, spinning my wheels. Without consistent action, it’s like starting all over again…and again…and again. All the information in the world, which we literally hold in the palm of our hands today, is worthless without implementation. Habits break implementation down into daily action steps that will get you to your end result. It’s about the closest thing to a guarantee you’ll ever get. And here’s the crazy thing. Habits happen whether you know it or not. Sometimes these “subconscious” habits are positive and move you forward. Sometimes, they are quietly destroying you. They key is to observe your habits and routines, which will blow you away at first, especially if you can be real honest with yourself. Once you have a visual of what’s going on, it’s relatively easy to shift. All it takes is time and conscious effort.


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