Morning Routine Series: The Wake-Up Shower

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The Wake-Up Shower

The first thing on my morning routine list is the wake-up shower. It works better than coffee ever does, plus it’s healthy and long lasting. Without my morning shower, I am a complete zombie all day. It’s as if the invisible chains of the bed never get released and are constantly trying to pull me back in. A quick shower severs the line and sets me free to take on the day.

For me, showers aren’t just for washing. They can be almost meditational, and help me sort out the day ahead. Plus, I get some of my best ideas in the shower (hence my vision to invent the “Shower Pen”). I like to take two showers in the morning. The first, is a very quick rinse that reminds my body that it is time to get up and start the day with energy. I then continue on to a larger portion of my morning routine, which includes the physical activity (sweat), followed by the second shower of the day.

Showers have always been powerful for me, necessary to really wake up and get energized, but until recently, I didn’t realize I was doing them wrong. Because I keep my house like an icebox at night for better sleep, I would enjoy a nice hot shower in the morning. This seemed to work just fine, but research shows that alternating between a warm stream and an ice cold stream works even better. This shouldn’t really be a surprise, as the spa industry has been utilizing that technique for thousands of years. However, the idea of taking a cold shower seems torturous, especially at 4 o’clock in the morning. But, I had to try it.

90 Second Cold Shower Technique

The strategy is to take a few minutes for your usual wash routine with warm water. Then, flip the handle to pure cold and stand under it for about 30 seconds. Yes, it will take your breath away and you’ll want to scream.  Some people think screaming actually helps stimulate the body and mind even more, so give it a shot, if you’d like. Maybe you can tie that in with a daily affirmation, who knows. After your burst of cold, flip the handle back to as hot as you can stand it. This is going to open up capillaries and leave you feeling stimulated, yet relaxed. Do this for another 30 seconds. Now, the key here, is to end the routine on cold water. So, flip it again! Do another 30 seconds with ice cold water and then end your shower. This takes some getting used to, and it’s tempting to flip back to hot water again, but do yourself a favor and resist. Starting your day with this 90 second shower routine will change your day, just may change your life! We spend close to 4,000 hours of our adult life in the shower. That’s a lot of time to stimulate and invigorate!

More Benefits of a Rotating Hot/Cold Shower

If you’re still not convinced you should try this, take a look at some of the other added benefits of an alternating cold/hot shower:

  • Increase Metabolism and Burn Body Fat– I know this gets overused a lot these days, but research does actually show that cold-induced glucose can create brown blood cells which increase metabolism and burn body fat.
  • Increased and Better Circulation
  • Stress Relief
  • Reduce Effects and Causes of Depression
  • Bolster Your Immune System

Save the warm and hot showers for your evening wind-down. Try this alternating temperature shower for a week and test your results. I think you’ll be amazed!








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