Morning Routine Series: Not without My Flip-Flops

Morning Routine Series

It may sound ridiculous to you, but I’ve nearly quit jobs because they didn’t allow flip-flops at the office. They’re my chosen foot adornment. Maybe it’s the lifestyle they represent; free spirit…walks on the beach. Or, maybe I am just lazy and don’t like to wear socks. Who knows? This isn’t a psychological analysis, it’s about habits-replacing the bad with the good. And, lez be honest, wearing flip-flops-ALL the time- might be sliding up the scale to the “bad” side. \

This is especially obvious when it comes to physical activity goals. I used to roll out of bed, slip on the flip-flops, take the dog for a walk, do my morning drive, and then THINK about taking a hike or going for a run. I had a built-in excuse not do it. Who runs in sandals?

I knew the key to getting on track was replacing the flip-flop with my tennis shoes. So now, included in my morning routine habits, is “Put on Tennis Shoes-Not Flip-Flops.” This way, I am ready for anything, AND I get the added ankle support (OMG did I just say that-when did I get old?).

As much as I continue to resist putting on “real shoes”, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in the mornings. I literally feel more active, which makes me BE more active. Funny enough, my Mom has been advocating that since I was a kid. Who knew?!


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