The Nerd with the Journal


Yeah, I’m that guy. Everywhere I go, I have my own “Little Black Book” with me.  Only for me, instead of being full of hot dating conquests and prospects, mine is full of ideas, dreams, whacky inventions, random thoughts, journal entries, and song lyrics. Most people are in awe that I still insist on using real paper and pen to scribe my entries. In the day of the smart phone, I guess I can see why. But for me, hand writing my thoughts and ideas is empowering to me, and I LOVE going through my old idea books. In nearly every one of them, I can trace the origins of one of my businesses, usually to just a quick random note.  Then, as we progress through the journal, the idea grows, formulates, and almost comes to life on paper as it becomes a full fledged business. I love that. That’s my calling. I am an entrepreneur. Well, not even just an entrepreneur. I am a serial entrepreneur, finding joy and passion launching new businesses for myself, and for others. And without my journals and idea books, none of it would work. Every day, I write. No matter what it’s about, I write. Journal, diary, business idea, USP idea for someone else-no matter what-I write.

Ideas come and go, and they say some of the best ideas in history have been lost to poor memory. We always think we’ll remember the great ideas from the shower, the drive, or even the vodka induced brainstorming at the neighborhood bar, but research has proven we won’t. If you don’t somehow write or save an idea within 20 seconds, in all likelyhood, you’ll lose it forever. It’s off to the next person in line of collective consciousness.

For 2016, I’m even upping the ante a bit. My journaling goal is to fill one Moleskine (my favorite) notebook every single month. So far, being April 8, I have filled one and a half since January. As a few more of these ventures take off, and I take on more clients, I see this increasing dramatically to help me hit goal. What I’m loving about this, is how easy it is to buy a journal now. I used to spend an hour at the bookstore, touching every single notebook. Asking the clerk to open them (I have to touch the pages), flipping through them…smelling them (Don’t judge). I think my brain way over analyzed it because that journal was going to be with me for the next year and it’s very important. The right look and feel of a journal can change everything for me. But now that I have a goal of filling up a journal a month, well, the commitment is much shorter. So, if by some freak accident, Moleskine lets me down one month, I can just wait it out for 30 days and start a new one. By the way…I can’t wait to start my new one (and the one after that)!




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