Thinking Bigger

if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough

I love reading and learning. Right now, as part of my Auto-University, I am listening to Grant Cardone’s, “The 10X Rule,” and although I thought his style was going to be too far away from mine, I am actually liking this book a lot. It’s a no-nonsense, action-oriented book about the practical application of “fluffy” things like, living in abundance and the Law of Attraction. There have been a few key take-aways, and living and dreaming bigger is one of them for me.

The first actionable step became obvious to me yesterday. Earlier this year, I pledged to give $1,000,000 away to causes that touch, move, and inspire me before I die. To me, that was a HUGE goal, and I got excited about it. But then, I realized I still wasn’t thinking big enough. More importantly, this goal was not in alignment with my other big-picture goals, especially my ultimate net worth goal.

So, here it is. My goal is to have a networth of $40,000,000, By age 50. And, since my contribution is effectively a tithe (10%), I am re-upping my charitable giving goal to $4,000,000 or more by age 50. I was afraid having a goal that was too big, and outside my normal thinking ($4 million bucks is a lot!), I would lose interest or feel it was impossible. Instead, I am fired up even more so than I was to give a million away. My chosen organization is Release the Fear, because of all the work they do helping at-risk and under-priveledged youth overcome the effects of violence and poverty (  I think four million dollars will go a long way to assist their programming and expansion.

What about you? Do you have a cause that inspires you to give?


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