Daily Guru: Eckhart Tolle- Awakening from Self Talk


The reason this particular video jumped out to me was the fact Tolle is talking about awakening from something (self-talk) that I’ve recently integrated into my daily habits and routine to actually enhance my life experience. The idea, of course, is to replace some of the limiting thoughts and patterns I’ve created throughout the years with powerful statements of the possibility I am.

Without a doubt, a five minute morning routine of quoting gurus and having morning affirmations have very limited impact if you go the rest of the day bashing yourself, or holding yourself back with negative self-talk. Realizing this, I have included some self-talk shifts throughout the day that keep me feeling powerful and on track with accomplishing my goals. Then, I run into Eckhart Tolle, and realize I still have a long road ahead.

His book, The Power of Now, resonated with me as a resounding truth about the Universe and how it works. I know I have to find a way of blending this teaching into my modern life, and I struggle to do so every day. How do I live an accomplished, goal-driven life, surrounded by love, wealth, health, and global enterprise, and still practice present moment living? How do I focus on the future, taking daily action for a specific outcome, and still be present here and now, free of the mind-addiction to thinking?

That’s just a little bit about what’s on my mind this, and nearly every day. Both of these videos spoke to me, especially the second, because that is a question I ask myself a lot. How do you constantly learn, and then implement, without over thinking?

Links to the videos below:





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