Daily Guru: Jack Canfield on Mind-Mapping


I don’t remember the first time I learned of mind-mapping, but it stuck with me over the years and it works for me. Mind-mapping is essentially the chunking down of a goal or dream into actionable steps to help you achieve it. I like to call it “reverse-engineering your dreams for success”, and that’s the real focus of Habit Daddy.

Mind-mapping will help you wrap your head around your goal or dream, no matter how big or small. You’ll be able to see the critical components you’ll need to incorporate to help you achieve it. What I like about a good mind-map session is that it can be a total brain dump at first too. Let everything out, all ideas, good and bad, and you’ll soon be able to tell the difference when everything is out on paper.

The key to this working for you, like everything else, is the action you take afterwards. That’s why it’s important to chunk this down to daily actionable steps that you will do every single day. Avoid vague generalities and “shoulds.” Get specific. Then do it.


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