Tracking What Matters

What gets Measured, Gets Managed

I finally listened to what all the gurus say, and I now track & record my progress on my dreams and goals. It totally makes sense and I’m not sure why I resisted it, but I’m over it now. In fact, ticking off each of my daily routine items has tapped into another part of my inner nerd and I now look forward to the sense of accomplishment. It really helps establish even more self-confidence too. Every day, I have a written record of every step I’ve taken towards my dreams. And, my daily mantra is, “Don’t let the sun set without taking a step toward your dreams. ”

I use Evernote as a tool for tracking. It allows me to set up a checklist for my expansive to do list every day. In it, I include my morning routine items, that are usually done within an hour or so of waking up. Then, I have what I call my “Daily Do’s” which are more business oriented items that I have to do every day to make progress towards the bigger goals I have laid out.

Each item gets 7 check boxes next to it. That’s one box for each day (remember, dreams don’t get a weekend). At the end of each week, I take a tally by dividing the total available boxes and dividing it by the total number of check marks. My goal is to hit 100%…eventually. To give you an idea of the journey ahead, let me share some numbers.

I am playing the best game I’ve played in my entire life right now. I’m effective, motivated, enthusiastic, and productive beyond any other time in my life. I’m managing six businesses, designing an invention, writing a book, learning every day, staying committed to my partner, friends, and family, and taking care of personal business. I consider every week, hell every day, an outstanding success. And, I’m only hitting 35%-43% of my weekly goals and objectives. Every day I get better. Imagine what life will look like when I’m at 100% consistently. That thought fires me up.


Dreams Don't Get Weekends Off



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