Back at it Again

For the last couple of months, I’ve fallen off the habit horse again. I have plenty of excuses for it; business is booming, relationship needed attention, I’m too tired, etc. But, that’s all they are- excuses. 

I gave myself the time though, guilty free. I took it easy on myself the last two weeks too, when I swore I would start my morning routine again, and didn’t. I listened to my body, more so than my mind. My body tends to feel my emotions and knows more what it needs. But I told myself it was time to be ready, and today, I finally jumped in the saddle of the 4am morning routine again, and I feel great. 

I’ve streamlined the routine, focusing more on me than any business component, and that feels even better.

In the past, I would have been harsh and critical of myself for missing so many days of my routine, which would have sent me on a spiral that would have been almost impossible to correct. These days, I give myself space. Explore why I’m resisting. Then, take action. 


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