It’s What You Do In the Dark…


This new Michael Phelps #RuleYourself commercial by Under Armour nails it. “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.” What a fucking wake up call. No, I don’t have Olympic dreams, but I do have huge aspirations for this life and this world, and I’ve been slipping WAY behind on those things I should be doing “in the dark.”

For me, those things entail a simple and powerful morning routine, based hugely on Hal Elrod’s book, Miracle Morning. That system helped draw out the little steps that have to be taken daily in order to lead me exactly where I want to go. When I do this morning routine consistently, I show up to the world like a Lion, ready to conquer, feed, protect, or explore. When I don’t do that routine consistently, I show up like a slug; lazy, timid, fearful, and slow.

We are inundated with brief messages, snippets, and news feeds. Lives and accomplishments are squeezed into 30 second (or less) sound bytes, and our collective sub-conscious has begun to believe that fame, victory, wealth, and madness are created in an instant. That’s not the case, and while we think we know that logically, our behavior, at least for the grand majority, suggests otherwise. If we really, really knew and believed that, wouldn’t we work every fucking day toward our dream, rather than put off to some distant someday that will NEVER come?

What you do in the dark-what you do when no one is watching, is the difference between greatness and mediocrity. What do you choose?


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