The Ultimate Cure for Writer’s Block

Writer's Block

What’s the Ultimate Cure for Writer’s Block?


Say what you will, but it’s true. When I can’t get in the creative wheels turning, I lube them up with my favorite vodka…on the rocks. Maybe it’s because my favorite vodka is Chopin, so having a talented artist on the label helps. I don’t know and I don’t ask questions. I just do what works.

Before I break out the good stuff though (or even during, depending on the frustration level), I like to Mind Map. I think I like it because it’s messy and unorganized, yet in some weird, random way, totally organized. But, I HAVE to go big when I Mind Map. I am talking about using those giant sticky notes all over my walls. I like to see the ideas spread across the wall. There is something so inspiring about whatching these concepts and ideas literally jump off the wall and back on to the paper. And that’s when it flows. Sometimes for a paragraph. Sometimes for a page. If I am really lucky, maybe a few chapters at a time.



I find that writer’s block seems to happen less frequently when I am writing consistently. In fact, this Author’s Blog Challenge, and the fact that I am writing every single day, has those creative wheels a but over-lubed. I’ve got more ideas than time, which is good for my soul…and my liver.


6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cure for Writer’s Block

  1. The old quote stands… “Write drunk. Edit sober.” Though, truth be told, the lines between sober and drunk for me are so paper-thin… and I’m so useless after half a glass of wine… that I typically don’t take that advice. LOL

    I love the mind-mapping… I have a similar exercise. I call it “small child.” I write down, “My character needs to…. ” Under that I write. “Why?” (if you’ve ever watched Animaniacs, picture Mindy… got it? Ok good.) I answer it, and again write, “Why?” Continue, repeatedly, until the block lifts, clearing the path…


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